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People of the Plateau

People of the Plateau

People of the Plateau is a photo-documentary in search of community on the Colorado Plateau. The project draws heavily on the ground breaking insights of M. Scott Peck in his book The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace.

Peck defines community not as a geographic location, but as a group of people who have learned to openly and honestly communicate. Key to the process of becoming a community is the group’s ability to acknowledge and respect individual differences; overcome preconceptions and prejudices; stop feeling the need to impose ideologies and theologies on others; learn to restrain themselves from trying to heal, convert, fix and solve everyone else’s problems; and walk away from their desire to control those around them. On the Colorado Plateau, the conflicts associated with rapid change appear to have hindered community building as defined by Peck.

Author Ed Meyer and photographer Gary Kalpakoff feel the photographic and word images presented in People of the Plateau project will introduce individuals from diverse backgrounds who are contributing to the cultural richness of the Plateau. They hope this “social handshake” helps the process of community building on the Colorado Plateau.

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People of the Plateau is co-sponsored by the Utah Heritage Highway 89 Alliance, UtahLinks and Kane County’s Center for Education, Business and the Arts.

Community discussions received funding from the Utah Humanities Council. The Utah Humanities Council promotes understanding of human traditions, values, and issues through informed public discussion.

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